by HeyTVM Art & Apparel

$ 28.00

Welcome to the first HeyTVM BOGO BOX SURPRISE! (echo sounds).

Do you like Surprises? Do you like free stuff? Do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain? Well you are in luck, esp if you are a S, M, or XL! Sorry large I'll make it up to you some how. Prob with more awesome designs I guess.

Supplies ARE LIMITED. Once these are gone, they are gone until the next time I feel like running a BOGO BOX SURPRISE (echo sounds).

If you order this, you get what you get and you can't throw a fit. It's a binding contract I make with my kids all the time. These are miscellaneous HeyTVM Classic designs primarily all unisex tees with a couple of exceptions. I did my best to match up complimentary (dark and light colors) as supplies allowed. If you have every single HeyTVM design, this may not be for you... UNLESS you are saaay... doing early holiday shopping. Man, your are SMART! 

This has been the HeyTVM BOGO BOX SURPRISE! (echo sounds, fade to black)